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This, droogs, is the like blog-veshch of me (that is Alex). Yes yes yes, the storyteller thought up by the writer veck Burgess or some such oomny veck. The like blogging site 'tumbling' or 'tumblr' was something like new for your Alex to try. An oozhassny site, really, but still like polezny to viddy what's vareeting in the great stew of cyber-grazz. Indulge me, O brothers and only friends, as your malenky droog govoreets and itties through the gloopy land of the grahzny internet. And all that cal.



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Send “You take such joy in pretending you’re okay” to see how my muse reacts.

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"heathers" starter prompts


  • "I love my dead gay son!"
  • "Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw."
  • "Do I look like Mother Teresa?"
  • "What’s your damage?"
  • Dear Diary, my teen-angst bullshit now has a body count.”
  • Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.”
  • "[Name], you look like Hell."
  • Suicide is a…

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Sentence Meme: Silence of the Lambs (Part 1?)


"A job’s come up and I thought about you."

"Do you spook easily, [name]?"

"Just do your job but never forget what [he/she/you] [is/are]."

"Oh, [he’s/she’s/you’re] a monster. A pure psychopath."

"His pulse never got above 85. Even when he ate her tongue."

"When she’s…

fromdusktildarko said: *gently holds on to the back of Alex's neck as he does so, trying carefully not to touch his hair again* J-just try not to do that too hard, my neck is very ticklish.

*Alex smiles very coyly at you* I won’t, I won’t and won’t, little sister *Alex very lightly pecks your neck* there. Was that so baddiwad? You have my like slovo, I won’t be too hard on that lovely shiyah of yours…

fromdusktildarko said:'ll make it alright again...*smiles and hugs Alex, laying head on his chest* you're not bad...*wraps blanket around the both of them*

Ahh, dobby, Koshka *Alex cozies up to you, the blanket around you both, and he gets his arm back around you again, and takes hold of your face and strokes it softly again* Real horrorshow, I make all right as right as, right right? Of course I’m not like baddiwad, I’m not so bad at all, verily not *Alex grins at you mischievously, his eyes playfully and curiously surveying your face, and then he lightly kisses your neck*

fromdusktildarko said: *shyly looks down and becomes a little intimidated by Alex's increasing forcefulness, but leans forward and kisses him.* Here... *removes hands from Alex's hair*

There thou like itties. I don’t mean to make you poogly, Alex like isn’t so baddiwad. No need for fear.  *Alex strokes your cheek softly*, I don’t mean to vred little sister, malenky Koshka as you are, Alex will make all right again, yes?

fromdusktildarko said: *timidly kisses Alex back and tries to fix his hair to the way it was before*

Pray, don’t like filly with my luscious glory anymore, what’s done is done and done, and all that cal, so let’s ookadeet it at that. The voloss, that is. Koshka, I’m not like razdraz or any veshch like, so let’s so back to lubbilubbing and I lead, sobiratting where we like okadeeted from with the kissing shilarny.


Harold Lloyd


Harold Lloyd

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