Verily I Doth Have a Blog

This, droogs, is the like blog-veshch of me (that is Alex). Yes yes yes, the storyteller thought up by the writer veck Burgess or some such oomny veck. The like blogging site 'tumbling' or 'tumblr' was something like new for your Alex to try. An oozhassny site, really, but still like polezny to viddy what's vareeting in the great stew of cyber-grazz. Indulge me, O brothers and only friends, as your malenky droog govoreets and itties through the gloopy land of the grahzny internet. And all that cal.





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my aunt tried to make heart shaped cookies and they all came out looking like tiny penises im laughing so hard


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fromdusktildarko said: If you, like, wish to itty out sometime, I will happily oblige Alex. Under one condition, you provide the sladkies, I'll provide the blankiewankets.

Rightirightiright. Fair enough, lovely. I’ll like kupet you some real dobby choc-bars. Where wouldst thou like to be privodeeted to? First, I mean. What didst thou in thy mind have for the meetup? I mean, where would those blankets go? Unless you’re more forward than I would have ponied, in that case…I know a real horrorshow hotel type mesto.

ferrisbuellersgirlfriend said: Please come here, Alex. I need you so horribly so right now. I understand you're a busy fellow but perhaps you could set aside a small window for me.

Maybe, May be I might, though I’m quite busy with a devotchka I’ve been going with recently. Her eemya is Marty (a real cohen sidence that eemya, but this one is real horrorshow)

Anonymous said: Please come and fuck me right now, Alex. Please sir I beg of you

Appy Polly Loggies to say I’m happily taken with a devotchka at the moment, though she won’t let me like pony yet of any veshch serious between the dva of us.